Running into the Fog

I had the opportunity recently to connect with log-time friends and colleagues Arik and Derek Johnson from Aurora WDC for their new podcast “Running into the Fog.” The Brothers Johnson have done a great job opening up a series of conversations with leaders on deep topics. I’m sure they’ll explore great thoughts with other guests soon, and I’m honored to be their second guest on this podcast.

We had a broad-ranging conversation about competitive intelligence. I came out of the writing-a-book closet to reveal the small business Competitive Intelligence project I’ve got underway. We talked about industry-specific CI, how to identify and develop talent, and the relationship and overlap among tactics, strategy, and execution. We also discussed our experiences making sense in the early days of the Covid 19 pandemic, remember our last time together in person, and the best Star Wars movies and shows.

Please give this podcast a listen if you want to understand some recent, cutting-edge thinking about Competitive Intelligence in modern business. Give the entire series a listen if you want to explore emerging and challenging topics.

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