Competitive Intelligence Resources


Here are a list of my favorite books and references on Competitive Intelligence. The links to these books are my Amazon affiliate links.





Professional Organizations

Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

Basics definitions of competitive intelligence, including code of ethics and dictionary of terms of practice.

Ning Competitive Intelligence Social Network

A free on-line community of CI professionals discussing the latest topics and frustrations in the field and its value and role in context.

Special Libraries Association Competitive Intelligence Division

A division of a professional association devoted to applications of library sciences, specifically related to research topics in CI with resources, audio recordings and on-line training.

Web Resources

Competitive Intelligence Podcast

An Internet audio program devoted to the CI practice, methods and practices for application of collection and analysis, delivering business value and exploiting new tools and methods.

Institute for Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst College

The leading institution for undergraduate and graduate education of intelligence professionals in national security, law enforcement and commercial intelligence practices.  The site includes access to case studies and project reports.

Congressional Research Service Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Report

Published in December 2007, this is a report on the challenges and benefits of open source intelligence (OSINT) in the national security intelligence practice.  Many of the issues identified are comparable to those faced in commercial intelligence practices.

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

Published by the CIA and made available to the public, a recognized valuable resource on the cognitive process by which intelligence analysts (including those in the private sector) transform unprocessed data into formal intelligence products.

Competitive Intelligence Body of Knowledge

A wiki-based project of CI academics and professionals attempting to capture the breadth of practice in the field.


Related Fields

Central Intelligence Agency

National Intelligence Council

US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Alltop Market Research Page

Market research is a related discipline to CI.  Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop has compiled RSS feeds of some of the leading market research news sources, including companies flogging their latest reports on company activities.

International Association of Crime Analysts

International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center

International Association for Intelligence Education

Police Futurists International

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

Institute for Intergovernmental Research

One response to “Competitive Intelligence Resources

  1. Hello August,
    I recently started listening to your podcast, after the first episode I was hooked. I work as a reporting manager for a large University (within the fundraising arena). Your podcast is my first exposure to CI. I would love to learn more and I’m wondering if there are any recommended books, articles, podcast (other than yours of course), that a person new to CI would find beneficial. A first steps guide type deal.
    Again, love your podcast, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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