Screencasts of RSS Workflows

In preparation for my presentation on RSS at the SLA 2009 conference I created a set of screencasts of simple RSS workflows.  These workflows are very simple and straightforward.

This is the most simple workflow for finding RSS feeds for standard sources such as on-line publications and blogs:

Next I demonstrate the simplicity of creating a custom RSS feed using search.  In this case I want to ride the coattails of Twitter and demonstrate the potential for custom RSS feeds based on Twitter searches to give you near real-time tracking of company reputation or tracking of developing events.

One of the reasons I am such a big fan of Google Reader is the ease with which users can share the items that they find interesting (witness the ever-changing list of my latest shared items from Google Reader that graces the right side of this very blog).  For the information professional this ease has real potential to facilitate team collaboration on research projects or create information products such as corporate news portals.

I’m not entirely thrilled with the video quality of the screencasts as they made their way from Quicktime files on my Mac to flash-based videos on YouTube.  Your viewing experience will be improved if you expand the video to full screen.

One response to “Screencasts of RSS Workflows

  1. Connie van der Zweep

    Hello Mr. Jackson,

    I attended your session @ SLA’s 2009 Conference and would like to have a copy of your “Cast a Wide Research Net…” presentation. I have not found it here on your website (perhaps “screen casts” are disabled by the security on my network) nor on the hand-outs page of the Conference website. May I ask you to send the URL to this address? I will try it on my home computer to bypass the firewall here at work.

    Many thanks.

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