My RSS Presentation for the SLA Conference

A week from this coming Monday I will be reprising my presentation on how competitive intelligence professionals can best use RSS as a low-cost method to cast a wide research network.  I’ve tried to update the material to discuss the potential of Twitter to track sentiment, issues and breaking events in near real-time.

I’ve also updated the material to highlight one of my favorite features of Google Reader: the ease with which users can share news items of interest, and how the RSS feed of a user’s shared items can simplify collaboration and publishing of relevant news items.  Anybody who is tracking my shared Google Reader items will quickly see that I am a promiscuous sharer of items related to telecom, competitive intelligence, technology, politics, economics and other topics.  Between this and Twitter this blog has really become more of an aggregation point for me (and I suppose my Facebook page functions in a similar way) than a site for which I write frequently (and never as frequently as I would like).

As much as I think Google Reader is a great tool and the best RSS aggregator around, there is one feature that is sorely missing.  The SmartList feature in NetNewsWire (a Macintosh RSS reader) is a sophisticated way to filter all of the news items in your RSS aggregator based on the occurrence of key words that the user defines, including with some Boolean functionality.

Feel free to take a look at my slides and let me know what you think.  I would actually appreciate feedback in the next few days that might help me deliver an even better presentation to the SLA audience.

6 responses to “My RSS Presentation for the SLA Conference

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  2. Hi August, I’m a SLIS student & I thought your SLA presentation was great. Exciting to see a current example of information theory and practical application joined together! You have inspired me to move to more creative thinking! Thx!

  3. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation. I used the Extreme Presentation Method from Andrew Abela (Professor in the Department of Business & Economics at Catholic University of America) to create the presentation. If you can take a class from him I highly recommend it.

    Are Roberta Shaffer and Elizabeth LeDoux still teaching in the SLIS program?

  4. ellendnaylor

    Hi August,

    Thanks for sharing your slides! I was so sorry to miss your excellent presentation!

    Ellen Naylor

  5. No, neither Roberta Shaffer or Elizabeth LeDoux are at SLIS. But, speaking of the school, there is a Call for Papers coming out next week that you should consider. Symposium 2010 will be at the end of January and I know students, faculty and alumni would love to hear what you are working on!

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