Apple and Motorola Really Phoned It In

For once I’m going to stop writing about eBay and Skype to resurrect an old chestnut: the iTunes phone.

So, Apple and Motorola released this thing a few weeks agothe ROKR. Considering how I was on each rumor of this phone’s development for some time one might be surprised that I didn’t jump all over the actual launch of the phone. Well, I was so underwhelmed when the phone was finally launched that I really didn’t feel like there was much to say. Commentators from Engadget, This Week in Tech and everywhere else rightly trounced the phone.

The phone itself just doesnt have the sexy form factor one would expect from an Apple product. OK, so it’s technically a Moto product, but even Motorola can be expected to offer some sexy products after the RAZR. Maybe what I was expecting from a form perspective was a RAZR-ish phone that could interface with iTunes. What we got was far from that, so my money will stay in my wallet for now.

One couldnt help contrast the ROKR with the iPod Nano, which was launched on the same day. That is a nice little item, there.

The good news is that the iTunes functionality is likely to be an element of future Motorola phones. Maybe the next generation of the RAZR (the black one!!) will have iTunes capability.

I do, however, like the song in the Cingular commercial for the phone. The song is “Jukebox” by Bent Fabric. Nice little ditty.

One response to “Apple and Motorola Really Phoned It In

  1. i really want one of these ipod nanos i like the black the best im just worried that it would snap in my pocket if i leaned to far forward to tie my shoelace or something but thats just me being paranoid i cant see people wanting the ipod mini or shuffle now no wonder there so eager to give them away with popular packets of crisps all over the world?

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